Cyber Security Training

Successful business today means first a strong team. Employees must have a strengthened level of training to meet new challenges and meet new contemporary demands in the digital age. A fortified team of employees means a team prepared to remain vigilant to various intentions of third parties (hackers, competitors, insiders) to undermine the IT security of your company. Experience shows that the person / employee is the weakest link in cybersecurity and that is necessary to coach the human factor because the attackers skip security measures and focus on employee manipulation

In order to develop a useful cyber culture, the team in your company must understand:


  • What are the cyber attacks?

  • Who can launch it and for what purpose?

  • Why do security incidents occur?

  • What is their impact on a company's activity?

  • How to respond to these if they occur?

  • What are the actions to protect you?


These, but also many other questions will be answered by our cybersecurity specialists in training and webinars. International certifications, knowledge, and experience of the LogicalPoint team will provide a comprehensive description of actions to counteract and protect the unauthorized intentions of:

  • Compromise, theft, copying, destruction and leakage of internal information

Whatever the activity of your company, regardless of the roles and level of training of employees in the IT field, we help you strengthen the vigilance of your team to:


  • Know the risks and impact of cyber attacks

  • Learn basic skills in cybersecurity

  • Create a corporate cyber security culture

  • Respect the company's policies and procedures

  • Become vigilant to cyber attacks

  • Counteract the leakage of financial, commercial, technical and personal data


An IT "epidemic" of business can be prevent only with trained employees and intact / non-vulnerable resources.