The power of information is no longer a dream, it is already a present that we all live. The digital age opens new horizons for us, with new approaches, challenges and objectives. In this context, cyber security is the must have without which business development becomes vulnerable.

For 15 years, our experts have been applying viable solutions and recommendations in the B2B segment in the country and abroad.

We do not sell IT technology software, we do not represent software manufacturers, we do not have sales plans regardless of product quality, we do not do hidden marketing for anyone, we do not advertise to anyone:

  • We offer intelligent services

We have solutions, recommendations and know-how for any cyber security problem within your company. We approach cyber security qualitatively, professionally and equidistantly to the international standards.

Our specialists offer cyber security not only as complex and intelligent services, but also as a science that is taught in universities and international institutions.

LogicalPoint not only inspires trust, we create it.

We know what we do, we know how we do it.