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Cloud Security

Cloud security - a new direction for the development of cyber security in the context of the development of IT infrastructures virtualization and the dynamics of their modification. Digital data is experiencing a new era in which the process of accessing and data storing has become simple and convenient from any location.

What is a cloud? It is a virtualized cyberspace, consisting of a multitude of components that allow the storage of digital services for a certain period of time and access to them from any location. The cloud requires an advanced degree of structuring, a consolidated level of interconnections based on virtualization and externalization.

Whether you have a public, private internal, privately hosted virtual, hybrid or community cloud, cybersecurity issues are needed to prevent and combat cyber-security.

The idea that information stored in the cloud is already secure - it's a myth. For this reason, clouds are becoming more and more cyber attacks targeted. Cloud computing is under-secured since its beginning, and information security in the cloud is a separate approach that must be treated responsibly in terms of data availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Whatever the type of service determined by the level of the Cloud structure:

  • SaaS - software-as-a-service

  • IaaS - infrastructure-as-a-service

  • PaaS - platform-as-a-service


Our experts come up with cloud security solutions at the highest standards offered by CSA, ISACA, NIST, ECP in which the security approach is a concrete concept of rules and actions established by international standardization organizations in the field.

Security in Cloud Computing comes to solve problems such as:

  • Data security compromise

  • Data loss

  • Hacking of accounts or services

  • Unsafe APIs

  • Blocking Cloud services

  • Malicious people inside the system

  • Cloud service abuse

  • Insufficient investigation and involvement (due – diligence)

  • Problems with distributed technologies


We know what we do, we know to do it.

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